Art Director & Designer

Karol & Rory: The Book

The primary typographic element of my ISTD Submission. The project’s aim is to highlight the changing nature of Ireland’s turbulent relationship with homosexuality. A big factor in this relationship during the 20th Century was the Catholic Church. With the passing of the 2015 Marriage Referendum, Ireland saw a significant transition from these ‘dark ages’. Who better to show this transition than Panti Bliss (Rory O’Neill), the most loved drag queen in the country? She herself even got a copy. The project is named Karol & Rory because Pope John Paul II’s birth name is Karol, and Panti’s real name is Rory. This is a play on words as well as a tongue-in-cheek reference to marriage. The book is in two halves: a classic “prayerbook” style half which tells the story of Pope John Paul’s visit to Ireland, and a more zany, outrageous half, which recounts Panti’s Noble Call to the reader. The book itself is bound to look like a small bible, which is to be placed on the bedside locker in an experiential exhibition.