Art Director & Designer
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Karol & Rory: The Exhibition

Exhibition design: one half of a typographic interpretation of Panti Bliss' anecdote of Pope John Paul II coming to Knock, Co. Mayo in 1979. I designed it alongside the text of Panti's famous 2014 speech in the Abbey Theatre, "The Noble Call". The viewer was invited to 'root around' the bedroom, where in the drawers they would find various items that nods to either Catholic Ireland or the sexed-up world of drag. The other half of this project, a book entitled "Karol & Rory", which resembles a small Bible, was placed on the bedside locker. Viewers were invited to read. As the exhibition is experiential, it alternates between a quiet evening before bed in rural Ireland and a drag disco, complete with disco lights and Donna Summer music. I wanted to juxtapose the two worlds of 1979 Ireland, where we worshipped the Pope; and gay and drag culture, which has been welcomed more and more in contemporary Ireland as the Church's influence wanes.